Top 5 Affordable Weighted Blankets (2020)

Weighted blankets are designed to help people with sleep problems. They offer deep touch pressure stimulation that can help with anxiety, insomnia, and other problems. However, they are quite expensive. To spend less, you may need to either make your own or hunt for the affordable options. We have extensively researched the market and found the following as the top 5 most affordable weighted blankets available today.

Budget not a problem for you? Check out a list of the top weighted blankets on the market right now.

1. YnM Weighted Blanket

One of the popular models that are highly affordable is the YnM weighted blanket. It comes as a twin size of 41” by 72” and designed for both adults and kids. Its weight of 15lbs is suitable for people weighing about 150lbs. With 22 colors to choose, it is one of the ultimate choices. The material used is 100% cotton.


  • Highly breathable 100% inner layer cotton that keeps it cooler
  • Uses glass beads which are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and odorless
  • Offers a variety of options from sizes, colors, and weight to suit your individual needs
  • Machine washable and hence easy to take care of
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • There have been some questions about its long-term quality however we have found it to be considerably durable.

Unlike what you would expect for a cheap product to be low quality, this blanket offers incredible high quality. It performs as well as its pricier counterparts. You can therefore confidently go in for it knowing that you are putting nothing at risk.

2. ZonLi Weighted Blanket

Manufactured by ZonLi, a firm that specializes in weighted blankets, this product offers impressive quality. When you combine the quality and the affordability, the ZonLi weighted blanket becomes one of the best options when shopping for a cheap weighted blanket.

Specifications of this product include a size of 48” by 72” and a weight of 15lbs which is suitable for those around 150lbs. It also uses 100% cotton and glass beads as the filler material. The glass beads are hypoallergenic and odorless.


  • Uses the 7-layer design that prevents both leakages of beads and tears
  • Very comfortable as it uses non-glue padding that surrounds the beads
  • Has smaller squares (pockets) which give better weight distribution that is even
  • Machine washable and dryable


  • The cover is non-removable and hence cleaning has to be of the whole blanket. You can solve this issue by buying a duvet cover for it and you will therefore only need to wash the duvet cover.

3. Weight Idea Premium Weighted Blanket

One of the popular options for weighted blankets is the Weight Idea Premium Weighted Blanket. The reason behind the popularity is most likely it’s affordable pricing. It costs less than all the other blankets covered in our list of the top 5 most affordable weighted blankets.

Its features include a size of 48” by 78”. It has a weight capacity of around 150lbs as it weighs 15lbs. If you fall between 130 and 170lbs, this blanket can serve you well. Like the others, it uses 100% cotton which allows for great temperature control as it is breathable.


  • Offers a variety of options with 9 color options
  • There is also a great choice of sizes ranging from the 5lb to the 60” by 80” 25lb option
  • Uses the 7-layer design that allows for leakage and tear prevention
  • The weight is evenly distributed and therefore will feel perfect on your body

4. YEMYHOM Weighted Blanket

With a price only slightly higher than the Weight Idea premium weighted blanket, the Yemyhom weighted blanket has also been a great choice for people looking to save on cash while purchasing a weighted blanket. With currently its price on Amazon slashed to more than half the listing price, its demand is quickly rising. 

The specifications are quite similar to the other products on this list. This particular weighted blanket measures 48” by 72”, has a weight of 15lbs that’s suitable for individuals weighing about 150lbs and is made of 100% cotton. It also uses beads as the filler material. Yemyhom put its 10 years of experience in textiles into the creation of this weighted blanket taking its quality and functionality on a whole new level.


  • The breathable 100% cotton used makes it have better temperature control than normal blankets
  • It offers a variety of sizes to choose from depending on your individual height
  • You can opt for one of the 4 available colors depending on your taste
  • Has a unique honeycomb design of stitching that makes it more beautiful, more stable and more comfortable
  • Affordable


  • You may need to purchase a duvet cover to make cleaning easier where you will only need to wash the duvet cover.

5. Amy Garden Weighted Blanket

The final weighted blanket in this list is the Amy Garden weighted blanket whose launch promised a revolution to what weighted blankets could do. Antibiosis and absorption of sweat were the game-changing features it was bringing to the table. These features combined with its affordable price have made it a great alternative to the high-end weighted blankets.

With measurements of 48” by 72” it is suited for anyone measuring 5’6’’ and below. It has a weight of 15lbs and hence designed for people weighing around 150lbs. It also offers the same features of 100% cotton and glass beads.


  • A 7-layer design with 3 layers on either side of the beads preventing leaking and making it comfortable
  • Has a variety of size and color options from which to choose
  • Uses premium glass beads as filler materials making it very quiet
  • The fabric used is lightweight and made of 100% cotton which is very breathable


  • Dry cleaning that’s suggested as the cleaning method may be challenging for some people. Buying a duvet cover is a great way to prevent having to wash the entire blanket.


The above affordable weighted blankets will allow you to save on the cost without compromising on quality. You don’t have to spend more to get the best product. Before settling on the best blanket for you, be sure to ensure the size, weight, color options, materials used, weight capacity and guarantee meet your needs. All the best as you get a weighted blanket that helps you sleep faster, better and longer.

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