Best Battery Powered Heated Blankets

One of the best hacks when it comes to cold winter nights is the use of electric blankets. Most of them are so amazing at keeping you warm until you want to carry them around to a place with no power outlet.

Luckily, battery powered heated blankets are available to offer you portability and convenience. Whether you are going camping, relaxing outdoors or are reading a book in the mountains, these portable blankets allow you to enjoy the warmth wherever you are. We review the best battery-powered heated blankets available today.

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DalosDream Portable Heated Blanket

Designed for portability, the DalosDream portable heated blanket is powered by a battery. The design involves a pocket where the battery can be fitted when you are on the move. It uses the Graphene heating technology which makes it an instant heating blanket. During actual usage, it heats up within about 5-10 seconds which is almost similar to what the manufacturer alleges. You, therefore, don’t have to keep waiting for the warmth like you would in many regular heated blankets.

The blanket feels soft courtesy of the polyester material used. Another advantage of premium polyester is that it is machine washable and therefore cleaning and caring for this blanket will be easy. The material also allows the blanket to be lightweight and portable. It weighs only 0.8lbs.

When it comes to the ease of use and functionality, this blanket has 3 warmth settings. It is also easy to connect to the battery and power up. The battery can be recharged.


-Highly portable

-Instant warming

-Feels soft and comfortable

-Good return policy with a 30-day money back guarantee


-It is an expensive option

-It does not come with the battery and thus you have to buy it separately

DAWNLAB Portable Heated Blanket

Another great option is the DAWNLAB portable heated blanket. The most outstanding feature of this blanket is the USB charging design which allows it to have more power options. Besides the battery that you buy separately, you can charge this blanket with your laptop, power bank, USB Hub or anything that has a power rating of 5V and 2.0A output. A carbon fiber heating pad is the basis of this heated blankets design.

The choice of fabric too is great when it comes to this blanket. It is made of woven micro-plush and if you have an idea about fabrics then you know just how soft and warm micro-plush feels. Cleaning this portable blanket is also easy as it is machine washable. You can tumble dry it too.

A great plus for this product is the pricing and return policy. Despite all the premium features it has, it is very affordable. The manufacturers offer a 1-year limited warranty plus free return and exchange during the period. You are therefore not worried about being stuck with a dysfunctional product in case it develops an issue.



-Warm and soft micro-plush material that is also machine washable

-Very affordable

-USB charging design that gives you variety in charging options


-It does not come with a battery

Kirkwood Kitchen Portable Heated Blanket

Portability is taken to a whole new level with this Kirkwood Kitchen heated blanket. You know the regular AA batteries? Yes, three of
those are all you need to power this heated blanket. It comes with a lightweight battery pack where you insert the 3 batteries and you will be ready for some nice warming. The portability is further enhanced by its ability to fold compactly which makes it easy to carry around. An accompanying carrying buckle allows you to easily take it with you outdoors.

The material used in the making of this blanket is 100% polar fleece which is the best known for its warmth and softness. It feels great on the skin. When your battery runs out, the warmth of the polar fleece will have you covered.


-It is powered by the regular AA batteries that are easy to find

-Has a portable cordless USB and hence you can use USB charging to power it

-Ultra-soft and warm fabric

-Wheelchair accessible


-Not the entire blanket is heated

Hammacher Cordless Heated Throw

The only option that comes with a rechargeable battery in this list of the best battery powered heated blankets is the Hammacher
cordless heated throw. The battery pack is lightweight and can easily be recharged within 4 hours. The design involves micro-wires through the throw that are imperceivable. Its design allows for rapid heating to get you warmth when you need it. You can take it with you wherever you want once the battery is fully charged. It combines functionality and portability in a unique way.

As what you would find in the other options, its fabric is soft and warm It is also easy to take care of this heated blanket with a battery as it is machine washable and dryable.

You will, however, find this blanket heavier than the other options. It weighs 2lbs which is quite significant when compared to the other options in this list. It comes in the size of 58 by 48 which although is not big enough, is adequate for basic outdoor activities. It is actually larger than the other options on this list. The manufacturer couldn’t make it larger because portability would be compromised.


-Comes with a lightweight rechargeable battery

-Rapid warming

-Easy to care for and maintain

-Offers a larger size than the other options available


-Heavier than the others hence carrying around not as easy

Dako Living Battery Powered Heated Blanket

From a distance, this option looks like a game changer until you realize that it is just the same DalosDream portable blanket but with a different name. Everything is a replication of the other product from the Graphene heating technology, 3 warmth settings, 0.8lbs weight to a battery that is bought separately. It is included in this list because, well, even if it is an imitation of the other product, it serves the purpose. It performs better than the other remaining options.


-Instant warming

-Great functionality with 3 warmth settings

-Lightweight and portable

-Comfortably soft


-It does not come with a battery which you will need to buy



Battery powered heated blankets allow you to take the great warming qualities of a warming blanket with you to places with no power outlets. If you are going mountaineering, camping or just want to enjoy the outdoors, a battery powered heated blanket will be a great asset. The best battery powered heated blankets include the DalosDream, DAWNLAB, Kirkwood Kitchen, Hammacher, and the Dako Living portable heated blankets.

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