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Roore 5 lb Weighted Blanket for Kids


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Review of the Best Weighted Blankets:
Reduce Sleep Anxiety in Your Kids and Experience the Benefits

For decades, physical and occupational therapists have been using weighted blankets as a way to help kids with autism or special needs to combat restlessness and sleep anxiety.

They’re a godsend for your toddler, kids, and teens who are desperate for a good night’s rest. That is why weighted blankets have become extremely popular in the last couple of years. 

The blankets chosen below, favorites of parents and therapists, are all great options as long as you choose an ideal weight. 

It is recommended that a blanket weighs no more than 10% of your child’s body weight – please check with a doctor or therapist beforehand if you’re at all unsure.

YnM Kids Weighted Blanket

The #1 Top weighted blankets on Amazon and our personal favorite.

The YnM Kids Weighted Blanket is designed to provide immediate therapeutic effects of deep pressure stimulation for sensory processing. 

It’s unique 7-layer structure is designed to be comfortable and cool, allowing the glass beads to provide temperature control. It offers a natural way to help calm your child’s body for a restful night of sleep. 

If you find cotton weighted blankets to be too hot, there is also an option for the “bamboo series” which is specifically designed for hot sleepers. 

This therapeutic blanket is made with multiple layers and smaller compartments (4”x4”) for maximum comfort that contours to the shape of your body. 

The stitches are designed to keep the glass beads from moving around, meaning that the weight distribution stays the same whilst being virtually noiseless.

Roore 5 lb Weighted Blanket for Kids

The Roore weighted blanket is a popular choice among parents. It is made with non-toxic, silky soft materials and filled with glass beads compartmentalized inside the blanket to provide an even weight distribution. 

With it’s two part construction, simply remove and wash the duvet cover directly. Your dollars will go further as there is no need to wash the entire blanket – meaning that your blanket will be less prone to deterioration from rigorous washing cycles. 

The duvet cover is designed with a concealed zipper that can be fastened with corner ties to prevent any slipping.

You can select from 3 different sizes – 5 lbs (36”x48”), 10 lbs (41”x60”), 15 lbs (48’x72”)

Hazli Super Soft Calming Weighted Blanket for Kids

Cheaper weighted blankets are prone to noise, as you can hear the beads move around when you turn. 

The Hazli weighted blanket is virtually noiseless as the glass beads are evenly distributed within pockets with strong stitching and quality materials to prevent the beads from leaking or shifting around to the edges.

This weighted blanket is made of 100% breathable cotton that ensures a constant body temperature, so if your child is prone to night sweat, this would be the perfect option. Furthermore, the removable cover is super soft and covered with minky dots for sensory stimulation.

All Hazli weighted blankets are Tested & Compliant with Federal Children’s Product Requirements.

LUNA Kids Weighted Blanket

Designed in the USA, the Luna’s kids weighted blanket provides amazing value for money and is considered one of the best weighted blankets in the market. 

This weighted blanket has been labeled as Oeko-Tex certified; it is completely free from harmful chemicals and safe for your child to use. To attain it’s Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, the fabric has been tested and certified to be free from harmful levels of more than 100 substances known to be harmful to human health.

Made with super soft materials – The Luna’s weighted blanket is covered in a naturally soft cotton fabric and filled with cloud-like fabric. It has great breathability for a weighted blanket – meaning no more sweaty nights. 

That said, the blanket’s downfall becomes evident after a few months of use. The weight distribution starts to shift after a while as the glass beads aren’t separated into “pockets”. 

The glass beads have been observed to drift off to the corner because there aren’t any stitchings holding them in place. 

Weighted Idea Kids Weighted Blanket

The weighted idea weighted blanket is designed to provide a big cozy hug for your child at night. 

Made with 100% natural cotton, the material of this weighted blanket is soft and breathable, which is suitable for all seasons. 

Although hot sleepers may still feel hot during warm days due to its weight, so a fan or an AC. is recommended.

Non-glue paddings are used in it’s design to ensure that the blanket remains odor-free. The paddings also stop the pellets from moving around, keeping the weight distribution fairly even.

The blanket is filled with hypoallergenic, non-toxic, odorless, food-grade polypropylene pellets. That said, this also means that the weighted material is not suitable for regular wash and dry cycles as it degrades the pellets. 

COMHO Weighted Blanket for Kids

The COMHO weighted blanket for kids is the most affordable choice on our list. That said, we included it in our list as it’s not only great for your wallet, it’s also a quality weighted blanket.

This blanket uses 100% natural cotton to ensure a comfortable, breathable and safe medium for your child to fall asleep at night. 

The insides of this weighted blanket is filled with nano ceramic beads, which reduces the noise generated by movement.


Of course, these lists are not absolute and aren’t guaranteed. If your child is old enough, we recommend for you to show them these pictures and explain what it is and how it feels. 

You could ask if they think it would help them. Kids are often very tuned into their needs and will give honest answers. 

That said, we recommend that you consult with your occupational therapist when deciding what size and weight fits best for your child. 

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