Brookstone Nap Weighted Blanket Review

When it comes to weighted blankets, the competition among manufacturers is stiff. Every brand promises to take the weighted blanket therapy to the next level with outstanding features. Brookstone Nap weighted blanket is marketed as the softest weighted blanket. But is the softest? Will it solve your sleeping or anxiety disorders? We bring you all the details in this Brookstone Nap weighted blanket review to help you decide if it is worth buying.

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Design and Materials

The functionality of a weighted blanket squarely lies in the design and the materials used. The Brookstone Nap blanket scores well when it comes to these determinants as follows:

Pocket Design

It uses the traditional pocket design that has been the hallmark of weighted blankets until just recently when newer designs were developed. A pocket design involves dividing the blanket into equal squares or rectangles and then filling them with weights and stuffing. It makes the blanket to have even weight distribution. The weights won’t shift to the lower side leaving the parts above you weightless.

However, when you compare it to the newer designs like the 7-layered design, the pocket design seems less efficient. For users with OCD or those who are just sensitive, this design may not be as comfortable. However, for an entry-level weighted blanket, it works just fine.

Materials Used

Good quality PET pellets are the filler materials in the weighted blanket. They are of high quality and provide adequate weighting. How safe are they? You don’t have to worry about their safety as they are totally safe. The pellets are hypoallergenic, odorless, non-toxic and have no chemicals on them.

The fabric used in making the blanket is made of 100% cotton. If you have been searching around for weighted blankets, then you may by now know that cotton is the commonest material used. It is breathable and will allow excess heat produced from your born to be ventilated away. It will help you sleep cooler.

The only drawback here is the fact that it is not washable. That means that you need to protect it from dust, spillages and other things that can make it dirty. It would have really been great if it were washable, however, there is a solution to this problem. The blanket comes with a cover!

Duvet Cover

A great plus for this blanket is the accompanying duvet cover. Not many weighted blankets come with duvet covers and you will be required to purchase one separately. The duvet cover that comes with this Brookstone Nap weighted blanket is also made up of cotton. It makes the blanket feels so soft to touch. It feels so comfortable and breathable. It is also durable, and it will be a while before you have to purchase another one.

The duvet cover protects the weighted blanket from dust and spillage. When it gets dirty, you can easily remove it and wash it. It is machine washable and dryable which makes it’s cleaning straightforward. It also makes the weighted blanket last longer as it is not exposed to most of the wear and tear forces during use. The duvet cover can be replaced to give the blanket a fresh and new look.

One problem with most weighted blankets that have covers, is that they slip within the cover to the side while you sleep unless there is a way to keep them in place. The Brookstone Nap weighted blanket has loops that can be tied to the ties on the inside of the duvet cover to keep it in place for seamless sleeping.

Available Options

It offers several options in color, weight, and size. There are three colors that you can choose from which include blue, tan and navy.

One of the most outstanding features besides the softness is the variety of weight options. The available weights are 5lbs, 8lbs, 12lbs, 16lbs, and 25lbs. The random weight options make it more likely for you to find the perfect weight than in any other weighted blanket. Whether you are buying a weighted blanket for your kid or for yourself, the brand has you covered.

There are also several sizes available from 36 by 32, 42 by 36, 54 by 42, 72 by 54 to 80 by 57. You will be sure to find a size that fits your height and body size.

Return Policy

Brookstone offers one of the best return policies in the world of weighted blankets. This product has a 60-day return period where it can be replaced, or your money refunded if it is defective. After that, you can get the product repaired by them within one year of purchase. You can purchase an extended warranty plan that will allow your product to be repaired by them even after several years.


Although it offers impressive features, its pricing is a bit expensive for its level. Its cost is higher than several popular options for brands that use newer designs. But probably the price will come down over time as the company realizes the market trends.

Being an entry level, its pricing would be perfect if put at a medium level in relation to the available established brands. But it is totally worth every penny as it will work just right.


  • Soft fabric
  • Great return policy
  • Comfortable to use
  • Highly breathable and allows for cooler sleeping
  • Comes with a duvet cover


  • Expensive for an entry-level weighted blanket
  • Has a strong order and may need washing before using it
  • There is only one weight option for each size and hence not flexible if you need a larger blanket with a lower weight


The Brookstone Nap weighted blanket delivers on the promise of softness and functionality. It uses the weighted pocket design that allows for even weight distribution. The cotton material used in the insert and the duvet cover that comes with it is breathable and comfortable. It has a great return policy with a 60-day return period. However, the price is higher than several other popular brands.

So, is it worth buying? Yes, this blanket can help you sleep better or deal with a mental problem. It is a great entry-level option however and is quite basic.

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