Image of Giantex electric blanket with timer

Electric Blankets with Timers

Imagine setting your electric blanket to transition from the current warmth level to a level higher when it gets colder in the early hours of the morning. That’s the power of electric blankets with timers. They allow you to customize your sleeping temperatures depending on the time which lets you sleep better. You don’t have

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Image of heated silk bedsheet

Do Heated Bed Sheets Exist?

A heated bed sheet can transform your sleeping space into a warm paradise. Being both warm and highly breathable puts it right at the fine line between comfort and warmth. Now that there is a broad range of electric blankets, what about bed sheets? Do heated bed sheets exist? Not exactly. The available options are

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Image of BedJet V2 cooling system

Can you Get Electric Cooling Blankets?

If you are one of those people who can’t fall asleep without covering themselves but then find your blanket too hot, then a cooling blanket will be a perfect solution. Most blankets are designed to passively cool you, but can you get electric cooling blankets? You probably want a cooling blanket that actively deals with

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Image of SoftHeat Electric Blanket

Best Soft Heat Electric Blanket

Soft Heat electric blankets are known for their low voltage technology that makes them safe, energy saving and efficient. They have their basis on the fact that low heat offers the best therapeutic results. Soft Heat heated blankets are thus great at delivering results. Currently, there are many Soft Heat electric blankets that you can

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Image of MaxKare Heated Blanket

Are Electric Blankets Worth It?

There are those cold nights that leave you piling blankets on yourself and cranking up your thermostat. But then you hear of a more efficient and safer way of keeping warmer on a cold night, electrically heated blankets. You may have thought of buying one but then you ended up with the question: are electric

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Do Heated Weighted Blankets Exist?

A thought of a heated blanket alone on a cold evening will make going to bed exciting and something to look forward to. Better still, that heated blanket being weighted takes it to a whole new level. It is the perfect definition of paradise. But do heated weighted blankets exist? The sad truth is that they do not exist yet.

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