Do Cooling Blankets Help with Menopause?

Although it’s a relief from your monthly menstrual periods and cramps, the end of your ability to reproduce which is called menopause may be challenging. You may experience heat surges that leave you sweating and if sleeping, you may be woken up by the night sweats. Someone may have suggested to you a cooling blanket for these problems. And naturally, it left you wondering, do cooling blankets help with menopause?

The answer is yes, they do help with menopause. To help you understand how they are useful, we will try to unravel what is happening to your body and how a cooling blanket can help. We also cover the important considerations you need to know when shopping for a cooling blanket for menopause.

Why the Hot Flashes?

Your body is going through a transition whose hallmark is a number of hormonal changes. The resulting hormonal imbalance alters your temperature set point in a part of your brain called the hypothalamus that controls your temperature. One of the hormones, estrogen, causes the widening of blood vessels under the skin which causes flooding of blood under the skin to release the heat. You will feel it as a sudden surge of warmth that may be followed by sweating. Your skin, especially around the face and neck, will have redness. This phenomenon is called a hot flash.

How Cooling Blankets Help with Menopause

Hot flushes are the main symptom of menopause. When you sleep at night, the surges of warmth and sweating may awaken you preventing you from getting restful sleep. You may suddenly wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat. A cooling blanket can help you stay cooler which will enable you to have adequate sleep.

Cooling blankets act by passively ventilating away excess heat released by your body which will keep you cooler. They also wick away moisture which will keep you dryer.

When a hot flush begins, the cooling blanket will dissipate the heat your body is releasing which will minimize your sweating. Whatever sweat is released will be quickly converted to vapor and ventilated away. You will therefore not feel any discomfort. The hot flush will thus pass without awakening you, letting you enjoy your deep sleep and wake up energized.

Considerations when Choosing a Cooling Blanket for Menopause

Now that you know how effective a cooling blanket is for menopause, should you go straight ahead and buy one? No, not yet. There are several things to consider while choosing among the many available cooling blankets for menopause.

1. All-Season Blankets

A hot flush is momentary and once it goes away, your warmth level will be dependent on the ambient temperature. That means that if it is winter after a hot flush ends, it might get cold if the blanket is not designed to be all season. It needs to be a cooling blanket that will cool you down but keep you warm enough when it gets cold.

When shopping for a cooling blanket for menopause, ensure you go for those that will work as well during a hot flush as they will when the night is freezing cold. Those cooling blankets that utilize the Outlast technology, for instance, the Design Weave Outlast Woven cooling blanket is good at this feature. It absorbs the excess heat, stores it and releases it back to you when you start feeling cold.

2. Couples

If you are a couple, then getting a cooling blanket that works for both of you will help keep both of you happy together. A blanket that accommodates your hot flushes and the need by your partner to stay warm as they sleep will be a good option.

Dual temperature zone blankets are great when it comes to this feature. They are designed to be cool on one side while feeling warmer on the other. You can enjoy the cooling side while your partner enjoys the warmer side. The KFORTE couples cool blanket is a good choice as it allows you to sleep at different temperatures as a couple.

3. Durability

On average, menopause lasts for about 7 years. You will, therefore, need to go for cooling blankets that are durable. You don’t want to be buying replacements after every couple of months because it will be costly.

One way of ensuring the cooling blanket will be durable is choosing one from trusted manufacturers. YnM cooling Blanket is one such durable blanket from a well-known manufacturer when it comes to blankets.

Another option is going in for cooling blankets that have duvet covers. The cooling blanket cover preserves and protects the blanket and hence will make it last longer. It allows you not to go through the hustle of washing the blanket as it traps all the dust and spillages and is easy to wash. When it gets worn out, you can always buy another cool duvet cover and you will have with you a fresh-looking cooling blanket.

4. Additional Features

Menopause is not only challenging physically but also emotionally. Getting a cooling blanket that is weighted will help relax your body, relieve anxiety and keep you cool during hot flushes. Weighted cooling blankets will work magic for you. So, when shopping for a cooling blanket, sample out those with this additional feature and see how it works for you.

A great choice when it comes to weighted cooling blankets is Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket. It comes with 2 duvet covers with the cover for cooling made of COOLMAX technology. It is an all-season blanket.

Full Cooling Blankets Review

The above are key features to focus on when shopping for a cooling blanket that deals with your hot flushes. You can have a look at the full review of some of the cooling blankets mentioned above and others in our full guide to the best cooling blankets for adults.


You don’t have to rely on hormone replacements for all the years of experience when you get yourself a nice cooling blanket. These cooling blankets for menopause take away the excess heat and sweat from your body that occurs during hot flushes to make you sleep cooler. A cooling blanket can enable you to have adequate sleep which makes you more productive in your wake hours. However, not every cooling blanket will work well for you as there are several things you need to consider before buying one. With the above details, you can now confidently choose a cooling blanket for your menopause.


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