Should You Buy a Cover for Your Weighted Blanket?

One additional thing that you can do to take your weighted blanket is buying a duvet cover for it. At least that’s what the manufacturer may have recommended. But is it really necessary? Should you buy a cover for your weighted blanket?

Although not a must, we recommend that you get a cover for your weighted blanket. Here are the reasons why and a couple other important things to know about weighted blanket covers.

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Benefits of Weighted Blanket Covers

Easier Cleaning

Although most weighted blankets are machine washable, washing them is cumbersome. An easier way is to use a weighted blanket cover that keeps the weighted blanket protected from dust, spillages and other messes. You can remove the cover and easily wash it before slipping it back on to give your weighted blanket freshness without washing the blanket itself.

Weighted blanket covers allow you to keep your weighted blanket clean without having to regularly go through the hustle of washing it. With some weighted blankets needing you to go to the local launderette for the industry-size machine washers because of their size, a duvet cover is a good option.

Temperature Control

A weighted blanket cover can allow you to convert a regular weighted blanket to a warmed or cooled weighted blanket. If you are a hot sleeper and your weighted blanket leaves you feeling too hot or sweaty, then getting a COOLMAX technology duvet cover can be a great savior.

Some blankets like the Degree of Comfort Weighted Blanket comes with two duvet covers one to help you sleep warmer on cold nights and another to cool you down when it is hot. These covers are the reason these blankets are called all season blankets. You can make your current weighted blanket into an all-season weighted blanket by getting it such covers.

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Customization of your Weighted Blanket

When it comes to your bedroom dcor, getting a weighted blanket that perfectly blends can be challenging. However, weighted blankets allow you to customize the appearance of your blanket letting it flow with the general look of your interior design.

You can select from a broad range of colors when it comes to covers, a variety way broader than that of weighted blankets. Whether you are into bright colors or plain dull colors, you will easily find a cover that perfectly meets your needs.

If you want your blanket to have catchy 3D images or abstract patterns, then a weighted blanket cover will let you express yourself.

There are no limits as to how much you can customize your weighted blanket with a cover. If it is for your child, then you know a bright color and flowery design will do well for them.

Increase the Durability of your Weighted Blanket

The effects of daily use will take a toll on the general condition of your weighted blanket. Coupled with the regular washing to keep it clean, it will wear out faster than you may be anticipating. You can let it fade away and have to spend on buying another or you can get a duvet cover for it to make it last longer.

A weighted blanket cover will keep your weighted blanket looking new. Even after using it for some time, it will still look and feel amazing.

In the long run, buying a weighted blanket cover will save on costs although it looks as an extra cost for now. They are cheaper and you can buy a replacement when they get older. They allow you to use the same weighted blanket for longer as you won’t have to buy a new one to replace it.

Simply buy a new weighted blanket cover and it will make your weighted blanket to look brand new even if you have been using it for long.

Make the Weighted Blanket Feel Softer

When it comes to how soft the weighted blanket feels, there are not many options. You may have to spend a lot more to get one that feels truly soft. A weighted blanket cover can help you solve this problem easily without spending too much money on it.

Covers have a broad range of soft material options that you can choose from. Super-soft plush weighted blanket covers will turn your average weighted blanket to a high end and luxurious weighted blanket. The Kpblis plush weighted blanket cover is one such cover that feels soft and cozy.

Combining deep touch stimulation therapy with exquisite softness can take sleeping to a whole other level. With some materials being as soft as a baby’s skin, you can be assured of restful sleep.

Additional Features

Some covers with impressive additional features that complement the weighted blanket therapy. For instance, weighted blanket covers may have the sensory minky dots that offer light sensory massaging. The sSnooze duvet cover has this feature.

How to Choose the Right Weighted Blanket Cover

The market is currently flooded with duvet covers and it may be challenging for you to choose the right one. However, if you know what to look for, it gets a lot easier. The following are the features that you can look out for when shopping:


Perhaps the most important aspect of the cover is the size. You need to select the right size depending on that of your weighted blanket. They often come in twin, full, queen, king and California king sizes. However, because of the variations in sizes among manufacturers, measure the exact dimensions of your weighted blanket before you order for a cover that fits it.


As shown above, temperature control depends on the material. The softness also depends on the material and therefore you need to be sure about the material for which you are opting.

Zipper Design

Covers with hidden zippers are better aesthetically than those with zippers that can be seen. We recommend that you get one with a hidden zipper.


The weighted blanket is kept in place by connecting the loops on its edges to the ties in the weighted blanket cover. Ensure the duvet cover has ties inside it for this purpose to prevent the weighted blanket from slipping inside the cover.


Make sure it is machine washable and dryable which will make its care easier. It will often be indicated together with other instructions on how to care for the cover.


Should you buy a cover for your weighted blanket? Definitely, yes. It has many benefits from easier cleaning, temperature control, customization of the weighted blanket, increased durability to a softer feel. Go ahead and get yourself a weighted blanket cover and you will not regret it.

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