Electric Blankets with Timers

Imagine setting your electric blanket to transition from the current warmth level to a level higher when it gets colder in the early hours of the morning. That’s the power of electric blankets with timers. They allow you to customize your sleeping temperatures depending on the time which lets you sleep better. You don’t have to wake up at night to increase the warmth level when the night gets colder. We examine these heated blankets with timers in this electric blanket review.

How they Work

The blankets are designed to be programmable. They go beyond what a regular electric blanket does by allowing you to set the blanket to transition to a certain warmth setting at a certain time. They accomplish this through an inbuilt timer.

Although timers seem like a pretty basic feature, they are in a real sense a cutting-edge technology which takes convenience to a whole new level. It is essentially a obotic’ feature which does the adjusting for you.

Advantages of Electric Blankets with Timers

There are several benefits that these blankets offer which are above and beyond what a regular electric blanket can offer. They include:

  • Comfortable sleep with the warmth level customized to how you feel at night as the temperatures change
  • Uninterrupted sleeping
  • Saves on energy bills more than a heated blanket at a constant warmth level

Review of Electric Blankets with Timers

You don’t have too many options when it comes to electric blankets that are programmable. When you search online, you may find many electric blankets that purport to have a timer-function, however, most of them don’t have the programmable timer option that we are talking about here. It’s a common mislabeling by manufacturers to term the auto-off feature as a timer function. If you opt for their products, you will end up with a product that can’t let you set it to switch to a different warmth level automatically at a certain time.

There are however several products that have the timer option which will work perfectly for you. We carefully analyzed their features and actual usage to bring you detailed reviews of each of them. The best three electric blankets with timers are:

  • Serta brushed fleece electric blanket
  • Thermee micro-flannel heated blanket
  • Giantex electric blanket
  • Serta Brushed Fleece Electric Blanket Review

At the top of the list when it comes to electric blankets with timers is the Serta brushed fleece electric blanket. It is comparable to the high-end Sunbeam blankets but with an additional feature of being programmable.

Design and Materials

It is like any other heated blanket with micro-thin wires in a blanket fabric. You will notice the attention to detail when it comes to the arrangement and concealing of the micro-wires in this blanket. It is thus safe.

The distinguishing feature comes in the design of the controller. It comes with programmable controller which gives a user a broad range of options. You can set the custom heat time and the temperature for a period between 30minutes and 12hours. There is no other electric blanket that gives you a time-frame as broad as this one.

Its brushed fleece fabric feels really soft and warm to touch which makes sleeping in it amazing.


Besides the timer option, the blanket has other outstanding features that take its functionality to a whole new level. They include:

  • Automatic preheat feature that allows you to retire to a cozy warm sleeping space
  • 10 temperature settings which mean you can customize the warmth to the precise level that you love
  • Dual controls for the queen and king sizes that make the blanket perfect for couples who do sleep at different temperatures


  • Programmable controller with a timer
  • 10 heat settings
  • Dual controls
  • 3-year warranty and 30day return period
  • Automatic preheat feature


  • Costs more than the regular electric blankets

Thermee Micro-Flannel Electric Blanket Review

Only second to the Serta brushed fleece blanket, the Thermee micro-flannel heated blanket is another great option if you are shopping for an electric heating blanket.


The only difference when it comes to the design of the blanket itself that makes it stand out from the other is the use of soft wires. Otherwise, it uses the same micro-wire technology which spans the entire blanket. It evenly distributes heat.


Micro-flannel is a warm fabric option that traps heat released from the body which makes it keep a user warm even when the blanket is off. Being micro-flannel, more heat is trapped while staying breathable because flannel is essentially combed cotton that may be blended with some wool. The blanket generally feels soft.


Queen sizes and king sizes have dual controllers which allow each side of the blanket to be controlled individually. You will love it if you are a couple. But that is not what makes it one of the best electric blankets, the timer function does. It has a programmable timer which allows you to set the heat-time and temperature for up to 12 hours. You also have 8 heat settings to choose from which in combination with the auto-off feature makes it a powerful contender even outside the realms of those with timers.


  • Timer function for up to 12hours
  • 8 heat settings
  • Super-soft micro-flannel material
  • Dual controls for queen and king sizes


  • Issues with durability have been reported

Giantex Electric Blanket

The final product on our list is the Giantex electric blanket. It is from a trusted brand and performs averagely well.

Design and Materials

This blanket is safer than many other electric blankets due to the low-voltage safe heating technology it uses. It, therefore, cannot overheat or cause a fire easily. The micro-wires take time to heat up which is said to be a feature that makes it safer.

Soft polyester fiber is used in the making of this blanket, which is a great choice when it comes to comfortable sleeping. It is also heat and crease resistant.


You get a programmable controller with a mode timing function when you opt for this product. It can be timed for between 1 and 8 hours which is lesser than the others but is adequate. There also 5 modes that you can choose from depending on the desired warmth level.


  • Programmable timer for up to 8 hours
  • Soft comfortable material
  • 5-mode temperature control
  • Safer than other options


  • Takes time to heat up
  • Many users have reported issues within the first 2months


If you need an electric blanket that lets you have uninterrupted sleep as it transitions between warmth levels, then a heated blanket with a timer is the only choice. The Serta, Thermee and Giantex electric blankets reviewed above offer you this feature.

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