Are Electric Blankets Worth It?

There are those cold nights that leave you piling blankets on yourself and cranking up your thermostat. But then you hear of a more efficient and safer way of keeping warmer on a cold night, electrically heated blankets. You may have thought of buying one but then you ended up with the question: are electric blankets worth it?

We will try to address your concerns about these blankets that you may never find in electric blanket reviews.

How Electric Blankets Work

Before assessing if they are worth buying, let’s first look at how they work. An electric heated blanket is made up of fabric with many micro-wires running through it. They convert electrical power into heat which you will feel as warmth. They are so minute that you won’t feel them when you touch the blanket.

When you connect the blanket to a power outlet, the electricity runs through a control system where the amount of energy is moderated basing on your setting. The power will then proceed into the micro-thin wires where it will be converted into heat. They are designed to utilize a very small amount of power even at their maximum capacity.

Are They Worth Buying?

Yes, they are totally worth buying. Here are the reasons why:

1. Customize your Warmth Level

Unlike regular warm blankets, these electric blankets allow you to customize the level of warmth that works for you. They were designed to address the individual differences in the optimum sleeping temperatures for people.

When it comes to warmth, there is no ne level fits all’ because everyone prefers to sleep at a certain temperature. And then there are cold sleepers who basically get cold when they sleep and need to raise their temperature more than what an average person would. In addition, the ambient temperature varies throughout the night and therefore a blanket that can be adjusted suits perfectly.

An electric heated blanket solves this problem. Some products like the Sunbeam Channeled Velvet Plush blanket allows you to choose from 20 different heat levels.

2. Better Sleep

Sleep is a process through which your brain and body get refreshed. You need an adequate amount of restful sleep for you to be productive during the day. When it is too cold, your body keeps on working to maintain optimum body temperature. An electric blanket can reduce the work for your body letting you rest enough.

Unlike regular warm blankets, an electric blanket allows you to optimize the warmth depending on how you feel. Your brain interprets the optimized warmth as safety and through several hormones initiates deep and restful sleep.

3. Saves on Cost

Although buying an electric blanket may seem like incurring extra costs, in the real sense it helps save on costs. The first way is by cutting down on your energy bills. You won’t have to turn your thermostat up for the whole bedroom just to stay warm. An electric blanket allows you to turn it down or even off which will cut down on your energy expenditure. As mentioned earlier, it uses a very small amount of energy itself.

You also won’t have to buy extra blankets to pile on yourself just to keep warm. Neither is there a need to purchase an extra warm duvet cover. It is a onetime cost and with the affordable options available like the Sunbeam Quilted Blanket, you will greatly save.

4. Less Piling

Everyone has had to pile blankets on top of themselves to stay warmer at one time or another. Although it has worked, it is not a safe way to keep warmer. An electric blanket allows you to have a light breathable piece over your body while keeping warm. It will not leave you overheating, sweaty or your sleeping space feeling stuffy.

Some of these electric heated blankets are so light that you can easily take them with you to your living room as you watch TV or anywhere else as long as there is a power outlet.

5. Therapeutic Effects

According to The Arthritis Helpbook, heated therapy can help effectively manage conditions like arthritis. It is made possible through the increase of blood flow. Electric heated blanket users can, therefore, benefit from the heated blanket therapy all night long.

If you are struggling with muscle pain and aches like backaches, then an electric heated blanket will also be worth using. It accomplishes the relief through improving your blood circulation that relieves the muscle tension and thus alleviates pain. The same applies to fibromyalgia. The improved blood flow also delivers adequate oxygen and nutrition to muscles resulting in decreased soreness and better functionality when you wake up.

Considerations When Buying an Electric Blanket

As you can see, there are valid reasons why you need to buy an electric heated blanket. However, you need to be aware of things before you buy one.


An electric blanket is basically an electrical appliance and thus safety is one thing you need to look at. Sometimes back, electric blankets catching fire used to be a common problem. You may have the same problem if you settle on some poorly made blankets. Always ensure you get a good quality electric heated blanket from a trusted manufacturer.

If you are a person who allows their pets on the beds, you will need to go for stronger options that do not snag easily. Pawing by pets may damage the fabric and the microwires that may also end up burning the blanket.


When compared to regular warm blankets, electric blankets may not be as durable. You will need to go in for a sturdy option if you need it to last longer. If poorly made, it may stop working within a couple of days and thus you need to select carefully.


Electric heated blankets are an efficient way to customize the warmth level of your sleeping space. They are totally worth buying because of the many benefits they have. However, you need to put safety and durability into consideration when you decide to buy one. Be sure to check out our list of the best electric/heated blankets for adults for in-depth reviews of some of the markets top choices. Let us know which electric blanket you will be buying.

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