Can You Get Electric Cooling Blankets?

If you are one of those people who can’t fall asleep without covering themselves but then find your blanket too hot, then a cooling blanket will be a perfect solution. Most blankets are designed to passively cool you, but can you get electric cooling blankets?

You probably want a cooling blanket that actively deals with your hot flushes or night sweats and that means it has to be electrically powered.

The Big Question

So, are there electric cooling blankets?

No, there are no electric cooling blankets available currently. All the cooling options involve passive cooling. Cold sleepers have electric heated blankets, what about hot sleepers? They have to make do with passive cooling.

Why they aren’t Available

There is a need to understand the basis of blankets to answer the question of why they are not available. Man invented a blanket for the purpose of keeping warm because nights were colder than daytime. That was in the prehistoric times. Over the centuries, the main function of blankets has remained to keep warm.

Over these years, the design of blankets has evolved from simple fabrics to highly advanced options like duvets, weighted blankets, throws, and others. Warm fabrics joined in along the way to help them feel warmer than before. Electric cooling has in recent years been adopted to enable customizable warmth of the blankets making them meet the age-old need for warmth.

For cooling, the solution has always to take off the blanket and let the air in the room cool you down. As the blankets evolved, the need for breathable options that helped users stay cool while sleeping resulted in the design of cooler blankets. They utilize fabrics and other technologies to help them feel cool to touch. The passive cooling achieved adequately meets the cooling needs of most people. That’s why advances in the development of electric cooling blankets have not been made.

What Then?

Now that there are no electric cooling blankets, what can you use? You don’t have to worry as there is a broad range of cooling blankets that you choose from to meet your cooling needs.

These options have been covered in detail in our guide to the best cooling blankets for adults. You will get to know what makes them cool and how to choose the best. It has a list of the best cooling blankets that you may want to look at while shopping.

The Future of Electric Cooling Blankets

It won’t be long before electric cooling blankets are released on the market. As the demand for non-medical management of problems like hot flushes and drenching night sweats rises, the need for active cooling blankets rises too. That means that designing electric cooling blankets will become inevitable within a couple of years.

As explained earlier, when fabrics alone could not give the desirable warmth, electric heating blankets were designed. Cooling blankets will also soon follow the trend and make it possible to choose the cooling level that instantly gets you to your optimum sleeping temperature.

Advantages of Electric Cooling Blankets

Electric cooling blankets will come with a number of benefits over the currently available cooling options:

  • They will save on energy bills as you won’t have to keep your AC on all night
  • They will offer ultimate remedy for menopausal women’s hot flashes and those with night sweats
  • Instant cooling
  • Comfortable sleeping for on hot nights and great for hot sleepers
  • Improvement of medical therapy where cooling blankets are used like in protecting babies born through difficulty labor from brain damage

As you can see, an electric cooling blanket will be a game changer. And for those manufacturers who go the extra mile, designing of dual temperature zone blankets for couples and making the blankets all-season will be prioritized.

Available Electrical Cooling Options

But before the electric cooling blankets become a reality, you can make you can benefit from electrical cooling through the following ways:

BedJet V2 cooling system

Designed with a dual temperature zone feature, this electric cooling system allows you to turn your bed into a cooled haven. It comes with two cooling units that you put under the bed and BedJet sheets. You can use it to cool one side of the bed as the other is warmed if you are a couple who sleep at different temperatures. It comes with a Bluetooth app that allows you to control the system from your Apple or Android device.

BedJet V2 Climate comfort for beds

Another option is a cooling fan that can be used to cool down your sleeping space and help you sleep better. This BedJet fan has been proven to be highly efficient and silent in operation. It can be controlled using an Apple or Android device Bluetooth app that comes with the product.

Chillipad Cube 2.0 Cooling and Heating mattress pad

Another option for electrical cooling is the use of the Chilipad. It is put on the mattress and allows you to choose between cooling and heating depending on your optimum sleeping temperature. It is a bit pricy but totally worth every penny as its functionality is on a whole other level.

What to Do in the Meanwhile

If you are having trouble sleeping with your blanket because it feels too hot, there are a couple of things that you can do before opting for electric cooling:

  • Minimize on the number of blankets or if you use it with a sheet, try using it alone
  • Purchase a duvet cover that has a cool fabric like bamboo or COOLMAX technology
  • Leave your legs and face out of the blanket and you will feel cooler
  • Ensure the clothing like the pajama you sleep in is light and breathable
  • Take a shower before bed as it unclogs your pores, releases excess heat and allows you a couple of cool hours


There are no electric cooling blankets available as of now. However, the current trends reveal that they will soon be available. They will offer a great and instant cooling relief for those with hot flashes, nights sweats or overheating during hot nights. But before they hit the market, you have a variety of cooling blankets that you can choose. They are able to wick away excess heat and moisture passively allowing you to sleep better.

We will update you as soon as electric cooling blankets are available and so keep checking back here to be the first to know.

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