Do Heated Bed Sheets Exist?

A heated bed sheet can transform your sleeping space into a warm paradise. Being both warm and highly breathable puts it right at the fine line between comfort and warmth. Now that there is a broad range of electric blankets, what about bed sheets? Do heated bed sheets exist?

Not exactly. The available options are warm bed sheets rather than heated. That is to mean, you get all the warmth you need but they are not electrically powered. So, you won’t exactly call it a heat sheet but rather a warm sheet. Probably the heated bed sheets that are electric will be developed within the next couple of years as more and more people opt for low heat therapy.

What about Now?

You, have several options of warmed bed sheets that you can choose from if you really want some heat within your sheets. The design of these warmed sheets is dependent on the material used. Fabrics either feel warm or cool. Designing of warmed or what you may want to call heated’ bedsheet involves the use of warm fabrics. We analyze these materials and a great example of a product that uses each of them to help you choose the right warm sheet. The fabrics include:

  • Flannel
  • Silk
  • Fleece
  • Microfiber

One of the best materials used in the making of warm bed sheets is flannel. It is a blend of cotton and some wool which result in a material that is able to trap your body heat while still being breathable. If you have felt snuggly warm inside the sheets of a hotel room, they probably were made of flannel.

The material is very soft and is soothing to the skin. The softness puts it in the league of high-end bedsheets. Wool that is added to the cotton to make it flannel is responsible for the softness. The cotton is also combed which makes it feel better on the skin.

Pinzon Signature velvet flannel sheet is a great example of a flannel bed sheet. It has a velvety feel and its luxurious softness is the reason why most people opt for it. It feels warm which makes it great for cold nights. It is also highly breathable which makes it comfortable to use. Caring for this bed sheet is easy because it is machine washable and dryable. It can be a great addition to regular blankets or weighted blankets that don’t have a warm fabric. The queen size option comes with a flat sheet and 2 pillowcases of standard size.

Silk Bed Sheets

The most luxurious options when it comes to warm bed sheets is the use of silk. It is natural and hence hypoallergenic, a feature that makes it great for those who have issues with allergies. From the looks to the feel, these bed sheets are the definition of luxury. They are the epitome of romance and exclusive living. Silk is the softest material available and hence the phrase ilky soft’ for products that have are soft but don’t use silk. The only downside is that silk is expensive and thus the bed sheets will cost you a lot more than any other type.

One bed sheet that uses this material and is proven to be ultra-soft and warm is the Zimasilk 4Pcs Bed Sheet. It is smooth, soft, hypoallergenic and highly breathable. Its durability is commendable as people who have used it for some time report that it stays as good as new however long it is used. You will, however, need to be prepared for the cost because it is way more expensive than an average premium bed sheet.

Fleece Bed Sheets

If you have used a fleece product before then you understand that it feels soft. It is only second in softness to plush materials like silk. The polar fleece fabric used in warm bed sheets is not only soft but also traps your body heat which leaves it warm throughout the night. It insulates you from heat loss which allows you to sleep warmer even on a colder night. It can be combined with micro-plush which further improves its softness and warmth.

Home Fashion Designs fleece bedsheet is one such bedsheet that uses polar fleece. It feels cozy and soft. The warmth level is great and can be a good choice during the colder months. The bed sheet is often combined with regular blankets to make them warmer. Its breathability makes it a sheet that can be used all year round although it is better for the colder season. Cleaning of this bed sheet is easy as it is machine washable and dryable. Its durability makes it a cost-effective option when you want to a bed sheet that balances softness with warmth.


Synthetic or polyester fabrics like microfiber also have some good levels of warmth. It is used in the design of many duvet covers that are meant to convert regular blankets into warm blankets for cold sleepers and winter nights. It has also been used in the making of warm bed sheets that play the same role. The thread diameter which is smaller than that of silk is the reason why it is called microfiber. It is thus impressively soft and able to insulate you from heat loss.

The Mellanni Bed Sheet uses set brushed microfiber in its design which makes it nicely soft and warm. You will notice the silky softness of this bedsheet when you use it. An outstanding aspect of this product is that it is one of the most affordable options when it comes to warm bed sheets. The manufacturer offers you a world of color options that you can choose based on your tastes or bedroom dcor. You can machine wash and tumble dry this fade, stain, and wrinkle resistant bed sheet.

Choosing a Warm Bed Sheet

The above are just but a few of the available bed sheets that will keep you warm all night. Consider the following before you buy a warm bed sheet:

  • The material used of course determines the level of warmth and softness
  • The size based on your bed size
  • Number of pieces in the package with the basic being a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases
  • Pricing depending on your budget
  • Ease of care for instance ability to machine wash


Although there are no electrical heating bed sheets available, there are several warm bed sheets that can meet your needs. They basically use warm fabrics like flannel, silk, fleece, and microfiber that insulates you from heat loss. Although they cannot give you the level of warmth a heated bed sheet will be able to offer when they are finally released on the market, the warm bed sheets will help you sleep comfortably on a cold night.

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