Do Heated Weighted Blankets Exist?

The thought of a heated blanket alone on a cold evening will make going to bed exciting and something to look forward to. Better still, that heated blanket being weighted takes it to a whole new level. It is the perfect definition of paradise. But do heated weighted blankets exist? The sad truth is that they do not exist yet. However, there have been several developments that allow you to enjoy the warmth as you look forward to the creation of heated weighted blankets.

The reason why you feel cold or shiver may either because of the surrounding environment or a problem with your body. The environment will make you feel cold when the weather is cold for instance during winter and on those chilly nights when your AC dysfunctions. Health problems like those with your thyroid gland, deficiency in iron or Vitamin B12 or losing weight can also make you feel cold. Now that heated weighted blankets are not here yet, a warm weighted blanket will do just fine for all these situations while it relaxes you.

Cozy, Warm Fleece Material Covers

One way that a weighted blanket can be made to feel warm and perfect for that cold winter night is the use of fleece material covers that are warm and cozy. One such weighted blanket that comes with this kind of cover is the Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket. The warm fleece material cover uses CoolMax Microfiber technology that makes the cover feel warm.

These covers are currently available on the market and you can buy them for some great warmth while you sleep. You will be able to deal with your insomnia, anxiety, depression and other disorders while keeping warm all night.

However, the warmth is not controllable like what you would find with the electric heated blankets where you can select the temperature that you need. It is also not as warm as the electric heated blanket but at least it gets you close. You can always rely on it before the advent of heated weighted blankets which won’t take long before becoming a reality.

Heat Retention vs Breathability

Most of the weighted blankets are designed to achieve better temperature control and enable you to sleep cooler and dryer. This feature which is called breathability is achieved by the fabric type and the layering design. For instance, the current 7-layer design being used by many manufacturers allows the weighted blanket to be highly breathable. To bypass this features that make you feel cooler, you can opt for weighted blankets that are thicker or use a warmer material than the standard breathable cotton. Warm minky fabrics are one such option.

The Thicker, the Warmer

Besides the filler material like plastic pellets, weighted blankets are stuffed with materials like cotton wool. Weighted blankets with less stuffing look thinner and feel cooler than those with more stuffing. You will therefore need to go in for those that are thicker as they will feel warmer.

In case you decide to make your own weighted blanket, then adding more stuffing will not only make it fluffy but also warmer. The stuffing does not make a significant difference on the weight of the blanket and therefore being generous while stuffing those pockets will be a great way to make it feel warmer. You can check out our comprehensive �How to make your own weighted blanket article for more details if you decide to build your own. 

Combining with a Heated Blanket

A trick you can do to get the benefit of both a weighted blanket and electric heating is suing both blankets. Caution must be taken while using this trick because you don’t have to have too much weight on yourself. The weight over your body needs to be about 10% of your current body weight plus 1lbs. To achieve this:

-Calculate the weight you need for your blanket for instance if you weigh 180lbs, you need a blanket weighing 18lbs+1lbs which is about 19lbs.

-Buy an electric heated blanket like the Sunbeam heated blanket (see our guide to the best electric blankets for adults) and measure its weight which comes to about 4lbs

-Calculate the deficit weight, for instance, 19lbs less 4lbs comes to 15lbs

-Shop for a weighted blanket that is equal to the deficit weight, for example, the YnM queen size weighted blanket that weighs 15lbs. See a full list of the top weighted blankets for adults here.

And just like that you have yourself a weighted blanket that is the perfect weight and has 10 heat options courtesy to the heated blanket. You can easily combine them one on top of the other and achieve what feels perfect for you. Remember, this is just a clever way to get both qualities and is not a permanent solution. Only resort to this when you badly need both the calming effects of the weighted blanket and adequate warmth for the night.

The Future

With the growing demand for weighted blankets and the rapid evolution, heated weighted blankets should be almost here. We will keep updating you on what is new concerning these incredible blankets and you can always be sure to find out from us the first time a heated weighted blanket hits the market.

Advantages of a Heated Weighted blanket

-Will lower your energy bills as you will spend less on air conditioning at night 

-Will allow you to get your anxiety disorders, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and other issues sorted while you enjoy the customizable warmth

-Cheaper costs as opposed to having to buy both a heated blanket and a weighted blanket


An ideal situation would be enjoying the deep touch pressure stimulation by a weighted blanket whose temperature can be regulated according to how you feel. However, we are not there yet, and it will take a couple of years for these heated weighted blankets to hit the market. Meanwhile, you can use warm, cozy fleece material covers to help the weighted blanket feel warm. You can also get a thicker weighted blanket or do a combination of a heated and a weighted blanket for the perfect warmth on those cold nights. Heated weighted blankets will be highly advantageous when they finally hit the market.

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