How to Wash a Weighted Blanket?

It’s hard not to live in your weighted blanket around the house. Wherever you go, your blanket follows. Unfortunately, this also means that these calming, therapeutic blankets can get dirty very quickly, and sometimes accidents do happen!

So now you may be asking yourself the following questions:

  • How do I clean the stains on my weighted blanket?
  • It’s so bulky, can I pop it into the washing machine?
  • Is it possible to hand-wash a weighted blanket?
  • How can I dry it afterward?

Don’t you worry! We got you covered. Read on to find out how you can clean your favorite blanket!

Quick guidelines on cleaning your weighted blanket

  • If your weighted blanket has a cover, unzip it/unbutton it and remove it from the inner blanket.
  • It always helps to refer back to the manufacturer’s instructions. Have a read through the washing instructions printed on the label (usually on the inner blanket). Try to follow the instructions wherever possible.
  • Inspect your weighted blanket for visible stains or organic stains
  • Try to rinse out those stains as soon as you can, to avoid them from setting in. However, if you didn’t get to it in time, you’ll just need to run the stain under cold water and apply some detergent and rub it off, then rinse with cold water.
  • We recommend machine-washing in cold or warm water (depending on the severity of the stain). Try to avoid using detergents with bleach. DO NOT WASH IN HOT WATER. Also, make sure not to use fabric softeners for polyester covers.
  • Make sure to check the load capacity of your washing machine (usually around 7kgs). Make sure to use the preset “delicate or gentle” to keep your blanket in good shape. You can opt to hand wash heavier blankets as not to destroy your washing machine in the process.
  • NEVER dry your blanket on HIGH heat. If you have to tumble dry it, do it on low heat. This is so that we retain the softness of the outer fabric, especially if it’s a Minky material. If you opt to hang it up to dry, make sure to dry the inner blanket horizontally, to ensure that the beads don’t bunch up with the batting inside and destroy the weight distribution. Give it a flip and shake every couple of hours until the blanket is dry.

Taking good care of your blanket will allow you to keep enjoying the comfort your blanket provides. The important part of taking care of your blanket is knowing what material it is made of.

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