Best Soft Heat Electric Blanket

Soft Heat electric blankets are known for their low voltage technology that makes them safe, energy saving and efficient. They have their basis on the fact that low heat offers the best therapeutic results. Soft Heat heated blankets are thus great at delivering results. Currently, there are many Soft Heat electric blankets that you can choose from. But which one of them is the best Soft Heat electric blanket?

Basis of Comparison

In order to establish the best among them, we compared their designs, materials used, functionality, safety, and any other additional features. Their actual usage was also used to determine how well they worked and any issues that may come up during usage. The SoftHeat by Perfect Fit electric blanket came up as the best Soft Heat electric blanket.

SoftHeat by Perfect Fit Electric Blanket Review

Let us break down the details that made this product the best Soft Heat electric blanket. As a luxurious choice, it comes with all the best of everything.


The use of micro-thin wires that run through the entire heated blanket evenly distribute heat. It makes sleeping in them better due to the consistency of warmth over every part of your body. Their arrangement allows for faster warming of the entire blanket. The quality of these micro-wires is also commendable as they are long lasting and don’t lose their heating ability over time.

What makes it the ultimate Soft heat electric blanket is its ability to sense and adjust which allows it to deliver consistent warmth. There is no other product that has this intelligent feature. Even beyond the Soft Heat arena, this technology makes it one of the best electric heated blankets where it rivals the likes of Sunbeam blankets.

It features the impressive low voltage technology which as mentioned earlier makes it safe, efficient and energy saving. Low voltage technology is not just about designing a blanket with a low wattage but also involves maximizing on the voltage flowing through the blanket. Therefore, no energy is wasted as it is effectively converted into heat energy. The heat is also not lost to the outside but is conserved within the blanket which keeps it warm.


Ultra-soft micro-fleece is the fabric used in this blanket. It contains the built-in micro-thin wires. Besides being very soft to touch, Micro-fleece is also known for warmness. That is the reason behind its use in non-electric warm blankets too.

When you use this Soft Heat warmed blanket, you may feel the warmth even without turning it on as it traps body heat. Its heat-trapping properties are also key when electrical warming occurs as it traps the heat which turns your sleeping space into a heated haven. Polyester fleece is well known for its insulation and now that the microfleece used in this blanket is 100% polyester, you are always assured of impressive levels of warmth.

An additional advantage of 100% polyester is that it is machine washable and dryable. It makes it convenient and easy to care for and maintain. You can always clean away the dust or spills easily.


It delivers adequate warming which can be customized. It has 10 heat settings which allow for precise customization of the warmth level. You can select from the slight warmth level to the highest level which is great for freezing cold nights.

It also comes with a preheat function. What a preheat function means is that you can set your desired warmth level prior to bedtime and let it heat up to that level so that when it is time to go to bed, you slip into a warm paradise.

The controller has a nice backlit display. You won’t have to switch on the lights to change the warmth level. It is also very easy to use.

Dual Controls

Shopping for an electric blanket that suits you as a couple? This SoftHeat by Perfect Fit electric blanket has dual temperature zones. It comes with dual controls which let you control the warmth level of each blanket side individually. If you like it snuggly warm while your partner likes mild warmth, you can set the electric blanket to perfectly fit both of you using the dual controls.

You will have to buy the queen or king sizes as they are the only ones with the dual controls feature. The smaller sizes only have one controller.


Safety should be prioritized when it comes to electric blankets. Fires have been reported by users who bought poorly designed electric blankets. Soft Heat, however, uses the low voltage technology which makes it safer than most other options. This electric blanket by Perfect Fit, a company that specializes in upholstery and fabrics, has no reported cases of fires.

An auto-shutoff feature further makes the blanket even safer. It is designed to automatically shut off after 10 hours. It, therefore, does not overheat even if you forget to switch it off. Fires often start when an electric blanket overheats and therefore its prevention boosts safety.

Damages that result in shorting of the wires is another cause of fires. The blanket is strong and does not get damaged easily which means there is no risk of fires or other dangers.


  • 100% polyester that is machine washable and dryer safe
  • Customizable warmth level with 10 heat settings and preheat feature
  • Dual controls great for couples
  • Highly safe to use due to the low voltage technology and auto shut off
  • 5-year warranty


  • Durability issues have been reported by some users
  • It does not heat up quickly enough


When it comes to blending safety and functionality, the Soft Heat warmed blankets are the best choice. Among the available ones, the SoftHeat by Perfect Fit electric blanket stands out as the best Soft Heat electric blanket. Its ability to sense and adapt to provide consistent heat is one of the main reasons why it is the best in this category. It also comes with premium features like the 10 heat settings, dual controls, low voltage technology, preheating feature, and auto-shutoff. In addition, it is ultra-soft and is classified as a luxurious choice.

Do you think it is worth buying? Let us know if you agree that it is the best among the soft heat heated blankets. Otherwise, be sure to check out our guide to the best heated blankets for adults.

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