Weighted Blanket Size Guide: Queen vs King vs Twin

A common mistake that people make while shopping for weighted blankets is selecting the wrong size. They end up having their feet sticking out of the weighted blanket. It is therefore crucial that you know what size will work best for you before you buy a weighted blanket. In this guide, we break down what the different sizes mean from twin, queen, king to California king.

What Determines the Size You Need?

-Your height is determinant of how long the blanket needs to be to adequately cover you

-Your sleeping preferences are also important for instance if you share a bed with someone, you will need a larger blanket like a queen or king size

-The size of your bed will also influence your choice as you need a blanket that fits the bed too

-The mobility of the blanket where you will need a smaller size if you intend to use it outside the bedroom like on a car trip


Although the sizes of beds and mattresses are standard, the size of weighted blankets varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. What one producer labels as queen size may be larger than what another will label as king. For instance, the Homesmart weighted blanket queen size measures 80” by 86” which is larger than the YnM weighted blanket king size product measuring 80” by 87”. A bit confusing, right? 

Now that is exactly why this guide has been prepared, to help you understand what product size is adequate for you based on the standard measurements of the mattress sizes and your height.

Needless to say, the sizes for kids will vary from those of adults. A width of 30” to 38” will be okay for kids while adults will need weighted blankets with widths larger than 36”. For the length of the weighted blanket or the longer side, 42” to 60” will be okay for kids while adults will need sizes longer than 50”. 

The available sizes include:




– California

Twin Size

The smallest blanket size for an adult is the twin size. It is designed for those with twin sized beds that are used by kids who have outgrown their baby beds, adults with small rooms, bunk beds, and day beds. The weighted blanket size in this category measures about 48” by 78” that is 48 inches wide and 78 inches long.

You may be wondering how then does weighted blanket fit on a twin size mattress. A twin-size mattress measures around 38” by 75” and therefore the weighted blanket will fit perfectly, in fact, the width will spill over slightly on both sides due to the 10” extra.

When shopping for a twin weighted blanket, just look for sizes that are about 38” by 75” and larger and you will be good to go. Some blankets may have a slightly shorter length like those measuring 48” by 72” however, they will still work perfectly.

Queen Size

If you have a queen size mattress, share the bed with your partner or are looking for a larger weighted blanket, then the queen size weighted blanket is the perfect options. A popular and standard measurement of this size is 60” by 80”. It corresponds to the measurement of the queen size mattress and bed. In case you didn’t know, a queen size mattress measures 60 inches by 80 inches.

The popular YnM weighted blanket measuring 60” by 80” is an example of these blankets. Its size will generously cover you whether you are sleeping alone or are sharing the bed. As mentioned earlier, different manufacturers use different dimensions for this queen size. The homesmart weighted blanket does measure 80” by 86” but is still classified as a queen size weighted blanket.

King Size

A king size weighted blanket is your best bet if you need a weighted blanket that covers you from head to toe and are over 5’5’’ tall. The standard dimensions are 76” by 80”. Its length is similar to that of the queen size but the width is bigger by 16”. It is the same size as two twin XLs put together.

Although many king-size weighted blankets come with the 76” by 80” dimensions, there are some manufacturers who make larger ones. An example is the Homesmart weighted blanket that measures 88” by 104”. Technically speaking, it falls under the California king size but because HomeSmart classifies their products as either twin, queen or king, the weighted blanket is classified as king sized.

The catch with large blankets is that they tend to hang on the side of the bed while having only a small part of the weighted blanket on your body. The weight supported by your body is therefore way less than the recommended 10% safety rule and may not be as effective as for one who has most of their blanket hanging over their body. Being weighted, the hanging part will create a force over your body that will be uncomfortable. To solve this problem, let the rest of the blanket rest on the bed while you sleep under the blanket. Avoid any part of it hanging over the sides.

California King

Although not a popular size for weighted blankets, some manufacturers produce these blanket sizes for those with California size mattresses. Designed to fit the 72” by 84” mattress, these weighted blankets can measures from anything between that size to as big as 88” by 104”. CJXM’s 80” by 87” weighted blanket falls in this category.

The California king size is the longest and offers extra legroom however, it is narrower than the king size when it comes to the width.

Height Chart

Although the internet is awash with height charts to help you select the perfect blanket, there are only a few that can be trusted to be true. Below is a standardized guide to help you get the right size for your height while you shop for a weighted blanket

Your Height

Minimum Weighted Blanket Length







6’2” and above

72” and above


Selecting the right weighted mattress involves getting the right size besides the weight. The most common sizes are the twin, queen, and king whose sizes are 38” by 75”, 60” by 80” and 76” by 80” respectively. However, the sizes vary from one manufacturer to another. You will need to base on both your height and the size of your mattress as you choose the right size of a weighted blanket.

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