Do Weighted Blankets Make You Hot?

Thinking of buying a weighted blanket, but scared all that extra weight will make it feel like sleeping in an oven? You’re not alone because this happens to be one of the most frequently asked questions regarding weighted blankets. So, do weighted blankets make you hot?

No, sleeping under a weighted blanket won’t make you hot. This is thanks to the type of fabrics and fillers used in these blankets. Let’s break it down and show you how even a hot sleeper will sleep comfortably in a weighted blanket.

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The Fabric Used

It all boils down to the fabric used in the weighted blanket. Most weighted blankets use breathable fabrics which ventilate the heat away from your body. Different fabrics have different heat retention properties and how the weighted blanket will depend on the one used. Here are the major types of fabrics used that make the weighted blankets cool:

1. Cotton

One of the most popular materials you will find on weighted blankets is cotton. It is highly breathable and thus dissipates all the heat that your body releases. Whether it is during a hot summer night or you are a hot sleeper, the breathability of cotton will allow you to sleeper cooler.

Look out for weighted blankets that have 100% cotton or use a better material for a cool night’s sleep. A good example is the Zonli weighted blanket.

2. Linen

The use of linen in the making of weighted blankets may not be as common as that of cotton but when used, it gives better results. It has higher air permeability and hence will take away the heat better. It also has a higher moisture vapor transmission rate which is great for those suffering from night sweats.

3. Bamboo

When it comes to fabrics that make weighted blanket not feel hot, the bamboo fabric gives the best results. It works so well that blankets with 100% bamboo fabric are labeled as a weighted cooling blanket. You can check out our guide on the best cooling blankets for adults 2019 to find out what blankets you can choose.

4. Blend of Materials

Over recent years, there has been the evolution of the weighted blanket design that has resulted in even better temperature control. The blending of materials has resulted in cooler weighted blankets that combine the qualities of the materials used.

Another reason for the blending of materials is to make the weighted blanket usable in all seasons. For instance, a combination of cotton and polyester allows the weighted blanket to be breathable on hot nights and feel warmer when used in cold months like winter. Another blend is that between cotton and bamboo which takes the weighted blanket to a whole new level of coolness.

The blend of cotton and wool gives rise to flannel that offers breathability during warm nights and keeps you warm during cold nights. However, it is not a good choice for hot sleepers during hot nights as it may feel uncomfortably warm.

Duvet Covers

Another way that regular weighted blankets can be prevented from making you hot is the use of duvet covers. Again, it is all about the fabric used in the cover when it comes to how you will feel.

So, in case you ordered or already received a regular blanket and worried that it might make you hot, ordering a bamboo duvet cover will allow you to make it feel cool. It is that simple although you will have to incur the extra cost of a duvet cover. It is better to opt for weighted blankets that come with duvet covers.

Great duvet cover materials that will make your weighted blanket feel cool besides bamboo, include the following:


Pima, Supima and Egyptian cotton are some of the popular cotton options when it comes to duvet covers to help the weighted blanket feel cool. The reason behind the breathability of these cotton options is the high thread count of between 200-300. They are also soft and cozy. The stronger option for durability purposes is Supima cotton.

Organic cotton is the other option which you will find labeled as 100% cotton. It basically has no allergens or odors. As discussed earlier under fabrics for the weighted blanket, the cotton is breathable and will allow your body heat to be ventilated away.

COOLMAX Technology

You never have to worry about the weighted blanket when you see it labeled as having the COOLMAX technology. This technology involves fibers that wick away heat and sweat from your body and hence make you feel cooler while you sleep. It is a popular option for hot sleepers and those struggling with menopause. One of the blankets with this technology is the Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket.

What about Plush Materials?

Weighted blankets that use plush materials may be the most luxurious options that you can get however, they may not feel as comfortably cool as you need them to be. They are designed to feel warm and help you stay warm during cold winter nights. Silk is one such example of material.

When you find weighted blankets labeled as silk, silk, and cotton, yarn or 100% polyester then this blanket will only be great for you if you are a cold sleeper or its winter. But for hot sleepers, it might not be the best option.

All Season Blankets

Now that you understand why weighted blankets can’t make you hot, how about when it gets too cold? To avoid having to buy a different blanket for each season, you need to go in for blankets that can be used in all seasons.

All season blankets are designed to help you feel cool on hot nights and warm on cold nights. This ability is achieved through several ways as follows:

-Use of dual duvet covers where you can use the warm one when it is cold and switch to the cool one when it is hot

-Blending of materials for instance cotton and polyester or with wool

-Use of high-quality poly pellets filling materials


Now, are weighted blankets hot? It all comes down to the fabric used in the weighted blanket or its duvet cover. Materials like cotton, linen, bamboo and COOLMAX technology allow the weighted blanket to be breathable and hence won’t feel
hot. The ones that don’t use the above materials will make you feel warm but then they are designed for cold sleepers and those cold winter nights.

Do weighted blankets make you hot? No, they don’t. You don’t have to worry about waking up drenched in sweat because you will even feel cooler than usual when you choose the right fabric. You can go ahead and get yourself a weighted blanket.

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